About CSR:
CSR specializes in the rescue, rehab and rehoming of shelter and stray German Shepherds.

Our shepherds are first temperament-tested and then taken into our homes (never put into kennels) for a minimum of 3 weeks for their fostering period. While in our homes, the shepherds are allowed to calm down from the stress of the shelter. They are fully vetted, meaning they are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, checked for heartworm and internal parasites, and microchipped. They are housetrained and begin work on basic obedience. This period allows us to get to know each shepherd individually and is our most valuable tool when matching our dogs with their new homes.

We are justifiably proud that our return rate is less than 5% and we know that this is due to the preparation we put into each shepherd.

The adoption process begins when we receive your Adoption Application.
We are all volunteers and there simply are not enough of us to respond to all the casual inquiries sent to us so when we receive your application, we know that you are sincerely interested in eventually adopting a German Shepherd. We will respond within 10 - 14 days (after your references have been verified) to discuss your application and the qualities you want in your shepherd.
Our adoption fee is $350 for a shepherd.
This fee helps to offset the costs we incur while vetting and fostering our dogs. Please contact us as soon as you are interested in finding your shepherd -- this increases our ability to find the shepherd of your dreams!
CSR rescues German Shepherds from most of the area shelters.
These shepherds have no advocates and are frequently scheduled for euthanasia, even the 10 week old puppies, because potential adopters are not aware of their plight. Because there are so very many shelter and stray shepherds, our foster homes are always full.
Therefore, we DO NOT take owner give-ups.
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?
If you feel that you must give up your shepherd, please read the article in our
Archives for advice on finding a good home for your dog.

If this is happening because of a behavior problem, we urge you to get appropriate training for your dog. We would be happy to make a referral.
Chicago and northern suburbs: D.O.G. (dog obedience group) - Clicker Training
Northwest Suburbs: Paw Law
Southwest Suburbs: Narnia Pet Behaviour
We would also like to strongly suggest that all dog owners add the book The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens to their library. This book answers so many questions and suggests effective, humane solutions to common problems. It is available through Dogwise.com and most booksellers.