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Mike, Colleen and Nike have been searching for Rusty (soon to be Wilson) for a long time and he is soooo glad they have found him!!

Who looks happier? Seamus or his new mom, Gerri???

Sundance waltzed right into Carol's and her family's hearts!!!


Treasure is thrilled to have found his future......Donna, Sam and Robert!!

Lucky Layla.......she's a proud new member of the Fay family!!

Rumor and Taylor pose for their formal portrait

Stella (soon to be Atti, short for Atticus) is happy to be going home with Karen and Anita. And the puppy, Scout, is thrilled to find his new playmate!!!

Murphy has found two little boys to look after and they have given her the beautiful name of Cassie!!


Bo knows that Mary and Ted think he's a great guy and a fine example of shepherdness, but he's a little concerned about Shady's opinion ....... Looks like he'll have to convince her!!