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Greta is happy in her forever home with Kathy, Major and Donny.

Wrigley has some search and rescue work in his future with his new dad, John, the firefighter!!

Roxy graduates from obedience class!!!



Christina and Al are bringing Chaz home to have lots of fun with his new brother, Rocky!! Rocky, of course, is thrilled...

Lexi is looking serious already.....she now has Georgene and Tom to look after.


Timber and Ghost, Aaron and Dustin.......sweet dreams are made of this.....

Macreana is happy to have a new extended family now that her puppies have found homes!! Nina, her husband and her brother-in-law are so happy to have found Macreana!

Dillon + two boys?? Woooohooooo.........


Booboo, Jeanne and Jon........have you ever seen so many smiles?