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Mike has been adopted by Sharon, George and Nicky (Nicky, being only 2 years old, is napping after the adoption excitement)!!

Is everbody happy? Tucker holds on to his new family, Chris and Beth!!


Bosco relaxes in his new home, a happy boy with a home of his own!!


Vince and Elisa have decided that Arco (soon to be Tinser) and Bella will be their perfect family and Grandma Anne agrees!!

Oh my........Bo's new home is truly doggie heaven and Bo has learned how to fly!!


Asia has found her forever home with Carlos, Anne and Sula, the camera-shy cat!!!


Puff and Jaeger get their second wind.....


Truman becomes part of the Wright family as he prepares to go home with Artie, Tim, Eileen and Michael!!



Kaiser, our "biggest" rescue project, relaxes in his new home with Peter. Peter, for those of you who are wondering, is 6'2" tall....or long from Kaiser's perspective