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Ginger and Bill have found their special shepherd and Bart looks pretty happy about it!!!

Scout (soon to be Shadow) has blended so well into her new family that you can barely see her hiding behind Dave and Magalie. Lucky Scout will have Moira to show her the shepherd ropes and Lori for a mom.

Schultz has found his forever home with Harry and Dereald.


Cinder is soooooo happy that Kerri, Ed and baby Michaelann are taking her home to join their family.

Cinder plays lifeguard duty at the pool


Schaefer loves his new home with Joan!!



Java, Connie and Pepper at Herrick Lake.


Java's new life has made her even more beautiful!!


Jedi is on her way home with George, Althea and her new brother, Max!!!

Luke is all smiles now that Mary and Ted have found him!!!