Updated: 24-mar-06
02.19.05 - Barney's Story
Adventures in Toyland

First Hydrotherapy Session

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Barney and Coco Sing!
Singing part two!
Barney and Foster pup Riley!


Barney would love to give a huge kiss to all of the wonderful people who have sent in donations for his medical care.
Amy & Steven Huntoon
Elsie Shannon
Linda Neylon
Pamela Gaynor
Rebecca Anne Ikusz
Robyn M. Fatter
Melissa Brunoehler
Debra Fratini
Udo Koch
Kim Sloan
Joanne Burrus
Jim Rieser
Holly & Blitz
Paula Brown
Mary Rose Silva
Jenniffer Wise
Diane Garofalo
Jessica Foster
Susana Ortiz
Timothy Bruch
Anne Gradolf
Ellen Szalinski
Jamie Sosa
Chad Hagen
Paul Morris
Mary O'Connor
Beth Ann Seen
Margaret Larocco
Nicolle White
Ronald Urban
Theresa Gerlich
Krystal Himmler
Peter & Sarah Karlovcec
Susan Drewitz & Anne Drewitz
In Memory Of James Drewitz
Udo Koch, Marie Reilly, Diane C. Landauer
In Memory of Danielle

Ray Bogush
In Memory of Mildred Bogush



Barney has found a home!!!
When we first picked up Barney last January, we had no idea what would happen to him. He came to us emaciated, barely able to walk, with a course brittle coat and hardly any fur on his face. It took months of exercise, great nutrition and supplements, but just look at him now! Because so many people were moved by Barney’s sad story, we were able to give him everything he needed. The hydrotherapy sessions twice a week really helped strengthen his legs. The final touch was a series of prolotherapy treatments. He was given Adequon injections into his joints. The results were an even greater improvement to his legs. With exercise he has continued to improve.
Barney met so many nice people along the way and he has grown into a very happy Shepherd. The very best part was when Barney met the Loan family last December. They had recently adopted Coco from us and were looking for a companion for her. Coco is a young female Shepherd and is one of Barney’s best friends from the rescue. Barney is usually a little shy when first meeting people, but when Barney met Steve, he was smitten. I believe the feeling was mutual, because a few days later they adopted Barney.
Did I mention Barney loves children? He does and he now has five of his very own to play with. He gets plenty of exercise with Coco and the kids. Barney and Coco enjoy romping with the neighborhood dogs and have become great Shepherd Ambassadors. Barney now has the perfect family he was always meant to have.
Barney’s success was due to the kindness of many people he may never meet, but it wouldn’t have happened without all of your help. Special thanks to Dr. Cheryl Adams and her staff at Arboretum View, Dr. Julie Mayer, Dr. Kim Curtis, the wonderful people at the Oaklawn Petco and of course, Harry from Pet Supplies Plus.
Thanks Again for helping our boy Barney.
Ginger and Bill
Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue Volunteers (and Barney’s Foster Family)