Please read the notes to the right BEFORE you download and fill out the form for application for adoption of our rescue dogs. Please fill it out completely - it will take longer if we have to guess at some of the information.
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Adoption Application:

Please us this form below:
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Foster Application:

Please us this form below:
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Fax Only:
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Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue
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*Note: We do NOT have dogs at the mailing location!



To read about why you should adopt/foster through us: go here


1) We do not adopt to those who keep their animals outside while they are not home. In rescue - we see many individuals who have lost their animals from them climbing the fence/digging underneath the fence/hit by a car when it got out/being stolen from their backyards/and or being poisoned. We, at CSR, have put in weeks or months of hard work on each individual rescue that we adopt out. We do not want to see that hard work go for nothing if our rescue turns up missing or dies due to an owner not understanding that their animal must live indoors with them and be a viable part of their family. We do home checks before and after the adoption to ensure that the dogs we adopt out are not kept outside.

2) Our adopters sign a legally binding contract stating that the animal that they adopt will never be mistreated in any way - emotionally or physically. The contract contains a provision stating that if we do find them in a situation of abuse - we have the legal right to reclaim ownership of the rescue dog no matter where it is. Our dogs come mostly from shelters - with various pasts and histories - when we rescue a dog from an abusive situation - we will not tolerate placing a dog into another abusive situation.

3) Also within the contract is a provision that the adopter will take the dog to obedience training within 30 days of adoption to ensure the essential good behavior patterns that make an adoption SO SUCCESSFUL. This is a critical bonding period for your new rescue shepherd and it ensures that you both develop the relationship appropriately. Our dogs have the essentials (and sometimes much more) when we adopt them out - they are housetrained or almost completely housetrained, they have some basic obedience, and they have learned house manners.

4) All of our animals are SPAYED OR NEUTERED by our group. With the number of pets being euthanized every year and our group getting more requests to take Shepherds from shelters than we can handle - we firmly believe in spaying or neutering all of our dogs. None of our animals may be used for breeding purposes.

5) The adoption fee to adopt a dog is $350 for a shepherd. This includes their spay or neuter, their rabies and dhlpp shots. This fee also includes a microchip, heartworm check and a fecal and deworming.
Take all of these requirements into account before you send in an application.

* Average response time on an application is approximately 10 - 14 days(after your references have been verified.) We will need to contact you and verify your needs and lifestyle for the dog in which you have shown interest....
* We will need to verify your references.
* We will need to make arrangements for a home check if necessary.
* We will need to verify your landlord accepts pets if you live in a place where you rent.

With all that in place - we can arrange for you to meet the animal that best matches your needs and the animals needs. Also - please consider attending our Adoption events to meet your next companion animal. This is a great opportunity to meet quite a few animals at one time to see which might best match your needs.

Please remember that we are all volunteers in this organization - we all work full time jobs (just like most of you) and dedicate the remaining time we have to our families and our rescues. It is not always possible to return an email or a fax the same day or even a couple of days after we get it -Please be patient with us - we are always excited to find good adopters for our rescue shepherds and we will call you as soon as it is possible!

Application for Fostering Information Sheet and Agreement:
e-mail us for more information about being a volunteer foster home.
* We pay for the medical care of the animal in your foster care.
* We provide food for the animal in your foster care.
* We are available for help with questions relating to a foster animals.