"Never Give Up" - Greta's Story

Some of you may remember Greta from 3 yrs ago. Her early puppyhood is unknown as she came into a local shelter a stray at 1-1/2 yrs with a terrible leg injury. After months of medical care she was adopted out, unfortunately to the wrong family. She came back to the shelter and was given one last chance. Just when her time could have been up, they called CSR. We took her into the program. It wasn’t easy and had it not been for the 8yr old collie and 10yr old male shepherd that gave her comfort and stability to settle down, well……

Greta comes with much baggage. Children, storms, firecrackers, loud noises, some dogs, strangers all frighten her to the point she does the scary shepherd bark/guarding to protect herself and her home.

These past 2yrs though was a milestone turnover for Greta. Her owner, (also her foster mom), found two fantastic trainers. With training geared more to her owner, Greta has become a fantastic and more confident dog. She is more focused on obedience training as a game, she has learned dog socialization skills even with those pooches that get on her nerves, and she has given up most (not all) of the scary shepherd actions.

Recently, after months of training, she participated in the new “RALLY-O” obedience competitions. She now has her title in LEVEL 1. SO….. Do you think you have problems with your companion? Do you really love him/her? Are you willing to try something new? Or will you just “Give Up”…….

We didn’t give up on Greta, and she knows it, because she is happy and it shows. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it could be around the corner and you and your dog could start a whole new wonderful existence tomorrow.

Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue