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Urban Rescue - some very special rescue dogs
Virginia German Shepherd Rescue
German Shepherd Dog Rescue St. Louis, MO
San Fransisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
All Breed Rescue List
Houston Texas GSD Rescue
Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

Order a new collar and leash, an "Udder tug", or a "rescue ribbon" for your car - and 10-50% of your purchase will go to Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue.

IMPORTANT: You must indicate "Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue" in the message section of the check out process.

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Training: top
Chicago and northern suburbs:
D.O.G. (dog obedience group) - Clicker Training
Northwest Suburbs:
For Your Canine
Paw Law
Southwest Suburbs:
Advances in Animal Behavior
Black Dog K-9 Performance
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Pet Supplies Plus
Petraits Pet Photography
Busy Beaver
Useful Sites: top
Chicago Lost Pets
How to prevent your pet from getting lost. How to find a lost pet.
Finding a new home for your pet...
Information about Hip Dysplasia
Still vaccinating your pet every year? - Creature Comforts - MSNBC.com
War Dogs Memorial Page
Recommended Reading: top
Books by Patricia McConnell
Whole Dog Journal
The Bark
The Bark Unleashed: E-Zine Behavior
Dogwise.com Book Store - Great Books for Dog Owners!
Books by Patricia McConnell: top
The Other End of the Leash
Feisty Fido
Beginning Family Dog Training
How to be the Leader of the Pack
Puppy Primer