Roscoe is a 2.5 year old medium sized German Shepherd x Blue Heeler mix. Roscoe weighs about 45lbs is neutered and completely up to date on all of his shots. Roscoe has lived in his current home for almost a year and a half, but before that he was found as a stray. Roscoe could be described as a velcro dog. Inside the house Roscoe always wants to be right beside his owner and is a very faithful boy. Roscoe thinks that he was meant to be a lap dog and always wants to be petted or snuggled. Outside, Roscoe loves to explore and has a good recall (especially for treats). He does a great job at the dog park (though he doesn't get to go often) with other dogs, but sometimes he will stray too far if not watched.

Roscoe knows "sit" (and always sits to be petted), "down", "off", and "shake". He is completely trustworthy loose in the house and have never chewed on anything or gotten into anything (such as the trash). Roscoe has crate anxiety, so rather than stress him out he has always just been loose in the house or closed in a room. Roscoe is incredibly gentle mouthed (takes treats very gently and isn't much of a tugger) which makes him good with kids. He has been around many children and always gives them lots of love. Roscoe is also very good with dogs. He loves to play and run with other dogs (of all sizes). He has never met any cats and I am not sure how he would respond to cats. Roscoe is very athletic and would fit best into a home where he had a job/something to do - whether that be runs, walks, agility, frisbee etc. Roscoe can jump most chain-link fences, but not privacy fences. Typically Roscoe does not jump a fence to run away, but instead to find his humans. Roscoe is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Please contact Emily for an application, questions or to meet Roscoe. 319-560-8777 or