Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue is so impressed by these young people's efforts that we would like to take this page to thank them for their dedication and their caring spirits!! We and the shepherds have been truly touched by their generosity and their thoughtfulness. Thank you, First Class Students of Warren Township High School.......YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Following is an article written by one of Warren's First Class students, Gail Martin, describing their program and their fund-raising activity. Let's hope this generous spirit spreads to other young people looking to make a difference in their world!!

A "FIRST CLASS" ACT by Gail Martin

Hey! For all of you out there who don't know what Warren Township High School's First Class program is all about, we're here to tell you! First Class, a positive reinforcement program at Warren, upholds the following four beliefs:

We treat each other with dignity and respect.
We recognize our audience when communicating and use appropriate language.
We take pride in the appearance of our school.
We solve problems creatively by stopping, thinking, and discussing our actions.

On the first Friday of each month, facilitators, who are Warren student volunteers, travel to each classroom to talk about and/or involve the class in a specific theme for that month. For example, in the month of October, the theme was "togetherness." The lesson plan incorporated by our student facilitators was to collect a penny from each student to pass in a hand-eye coordination game. The object was, while working "together", to pass the penny after hearing the word directed to do so without dropping it. Outstandingly, in schoolwide effort, Warren was able to raise approximately $250.00!

Even more astounding was the contribution from Dr. Jelinek's and Mrs. Kuhn's classes. The students in these two classes collected coins throughout September and October, obtaining much more than a penny per person for the activity. By donating spare coins, or change left over from lunch money, both Dr. Jelinek's and Mrs. Kuhn's students collected over $100.00 per teacher!

The theme of "togetherness" was extended further than the classroom and school buildings' walls. The money collected from the First Class efforts was donated to animal welfare organizations. Half of the money was donated to CHICAGOLAND SHEPHERD RESCUE, an organization dedicated to saving German Shepherds. And the other half of these funds went to A.D.O.P.T. (Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment, Inc.), You can find more information about these worthy organizations by contacting their websites: Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue and A.D.O.P.T.. Together, we CAN make a difference!

On Friday, March 16, the Warren High School's Almond campus had three wonderful visitors! Taylor and Scully are two German Shepherds that have been saved. Taylor was rescued only three days ago! Mrs. Pam Maguire brought in the dogs to Warren's Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) meeting so that they could thank Warren High School for their efforts in helping to save animals. The students very much enjoyed hearing the stories of heroes who have adopted animals who otherwise would have been put down. Thank you Mrs. Maguire (and Taylor and Scully) for visiting. It was wonderful to meet animals from the organization that our donations have helped.

Check out some pics of the students meeting Taylor and Skully