Why adopt a German Shepherd from Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue?

Why adopt a German Shepherd From Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue? There are lots of reasons to adopt from us.

When you adopt from Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue - you will have a good idea of the personality and temperment of the dog you are adopting. Because all of our dogs are in foster care (not in a boarding facility) for a minimum of 3 weeks - we have a pretty good idea of their likes and their dislikes - their strengths and their weaknesses. Because they have been in foster homes - we have a chance to start on some basic training including housebreaking and obedience. This means when they get adopted out - they are well on the way towards transitioning into their new households.

We are also available AFTER THE ADOPTION (some breeders, puppy mills and unreputable organizations disappear after the purchase has been made) for training issues and questions about how to help your new addition adjust to the household during that initial period of adoption. You do not purchase a CSR dog - you are given the privilege of adoption - and we follow up to make sure that adoption is successful.

We make a lifetime commitment to our dogs. If for any reason you cannot keep the dog - it comes back to us.

By adopting from a rescue or a shelter - you are making a difference in the impact of the pet population. Please remember "Second hand dogs give first rate love!"

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Why foster for Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue?

Throughout this web site - you will find many pictures of German Shepherds. These are the most compelling reasons to foster a German Shepherd - for the love of the dog and the love of the breed. Fostering makes a huge difference in the life of the animal you bring in. By making temporary space in your home (until the animal goes to its new home) - you have saved the life of an animal that may have been euthanized. You will put in what we lovingly call "blood and sweat and tears" in house training that animal, cuddling it when it needs comfort, working on the issues that need to be addressed. It is a lot of hard work - and finding GOOD foster homes is difficult. What qualifies as a good foster home? Simple things actually - the ability to love an animal (even if it isn't "your dog"), the willingness to learn, a little bit of time and patience, and a good stable home.

Fostering can completely change your outlook on animals. Fostering an animal can be a lot of work but for the most part it ends up being a lot of fun. Please contact us if you would like to make a difference in the lives of a few German Shepherds.

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